Friday, July 6, 2012

Hanging out downtown

A little bit more about me; I live in the city of Bergen, Norway. You should hopefully be able to see it on a map if you click on location. It's on the west side of Norway, and it's one of my favorite cities - not that big, but with plenty of awesome nature nearby.

Yesterday we had some really awesome weather, so I figured I'd get exercise, work on my tan, AND save money and CO2 by walking downtown (~6 km / ~3.7 miles). First priority was handing back in three drawing books that I'd more or less finished, and check out one of the hobby / drawing shops that I'd heard of. Well at the library I picked up "Advanced Drawing Skills", by Barrington Barber, "Draw Faces & Expressions" by John Raynes, "The Figure Drawing Workbook", by John Raynes, and "Tegning - de store mesterne" (Drawing - the great masters). The last one I stumbled across in a section of the library that I hadn't been to. It weighs something like 5 kg / 10 lbs, and getting it home was annoying, but I'm sure I'll get a lot out of it.

With the first stop done I went off to the drawing shop. Having finished a few "intro to drawing"-type books I now have a good overview of the types of drawing tools and paper types that are available. Actually getting to see them and play around with them was fun. I'm sure I'll be a regular customer, but for now I picked up some medium thickness charcoal sticks, and a moldable eraser.

Third stop? Ice cream. I'm Norwegian - I get hot easily.

Fourth stop? Sitting down by the Grieg Concert Hall, which is right across the street from the grocery shop. Since I've now started bringing along a sketchbook as often as I can I got to playing around with the new toys. The doodles aren't worth posting, but I really like the amount of contrast I'm able to lay down quickly, and how I can subtract tone accurately and quickly using the moldable eraser. This will definitely be used to sketching people in the near future.

Pretty sure I will be drawing more around here. It would be a great exercise in perspective and vanishing points. At this point however I'm more into drawing people.

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