Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A free education in art history, part 4 - The Medici

The Medici were a group of bankers in Italy who played a very important role in funding some of the greatest Renaissance art. They're kind of important, and what do you know - there's a documentary about them.

It runs slightly under an hour. I feel slightly smarter having watched it.

Also, two important milestones for this site were reached recently. Firstly it has passed 1000 page views, which I'd say has to be the record for any drawing blogs created by Norwegians named Andreas in 2012.

Secondly it had its first visitor who came here from a google query. The person was looking for Jessica Alba's cousin, and probably not my drawing, which I find kind of funny.

But I hear you ask, but what about drawing updates? Well I've finished up Art Academy - Beginning To Draw, which was the very first video I started watching back in June. It made me realize that I need conté sticks too. I've also drawn Monica Belluci. The deal, if I can remember it correctly, was that she was supposed to visit me, but instead I've had to settle for a photo. Next up is Audrey Hepburn. She didn't reply to my messages, so yet again I'm going the .jpg route.

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